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Career Strategy Coaching

Career Strategy Coaching

Partner with us to receive one on one career strategy coaching. Together we’ll assemble a step by step plan to increase your performance in your current role and get you ready for your next job opportunity!


Career Development Plans

Career Development Plans

Partner with us to develop a personalized development plan that will immediately improve your on the job performance. Together we’ll develop a plan that will help deliver accelerated career success!


Personal Branding

Personal Branding

Partner with us to enhance your personal brand. Together we’ll ensure your personal brand is positioning you for greater career success vs. holding you back from opportunities you deserve!


  • Coaching
  • Assess
  • Plan
  • Play
  • Learn
  • Evolve
  • Enroll

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Phase 1: Assess

Objective: During the first phase of our coaching partnership you’ll work with a career strategy coach to assess where you have been in your career, where you are currently, and where you desire to move over the next three years.

Deliverable: The result of completing this first phase will be your own personal Inspiratude Vision Map which will serve as your guiding compass for the balance of your coaching sessions. This vision map will keep you laser focused on the right strategies and supporting action steps to follow to achieve your career goals.




Phase 2: Plan

Objective: During the second phase of our coaching partnership you’ll work with a career strategy coach to design a personalized career strategy plan complete with strategies and action steps over the next 12 months for you current role and your next desired role.

Deliverable: The result of completing this second phase will be a personalized career strategy guide that will allow you to track progress in your development and help mold you into a more attractive candidate for greater opportunity in your current role while making you a more attractive candidate for the next role you desire.




Phase 3: Play

Objective: During the third phase of our coaching partnership you’ll partner with a career strategy coach to activate your personalized career strategy plan. We do not just assemble a plan for you and walk away, we’ll coach you through the career plays you call and make sure the plan we’ve assembled for you is actually working as intended.

Deliverable: The result of this third session will be the actual results you experience through executing your career strategy guide. In your Inspiratude Log Book, you’ll document weekly actions, results, and progress.



Phase 4: Learn

Objective: During the fourth phase of our coaching partnership you’ll partner with a career strategy coach to reflect on your personalized career strategy plan and the immediate experience and results you see. Through reflection, we’ll assemble a continuous improvement plan ensure your repeat successful actions and adjust those that need to work better or different for you.

Deliverable: The result of this fourth session is an Inspiratude Continuos Improvement plan that will clearly call out where you are winning with your plan and where we will partner to enhance performance to meet your expectations – complete with timelines and necessary resources.




Phase 5: Elevate

Objective: During the fifth and final phase of our coaching partnership you’ll partner with a career strategy coach to document the journey you have been on with us and the growth you’ve accomplished.

Deliverable: The result of wrapping up the A.P.P.L.E. coaching program you’ll receive a certificate of completion and final performance assessment that you can share with your manager, mentor, and/or sponsor to help elevate your personal brand by displaying your personal commitment to success. It’s this dedication and self-motivation and ownership of your career development that will create a desire in others to invest in you as well via continued development, future opportunities, and eventual promotion, raises, and recognition.



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“I’ve had the honor of working with Coach Al Johnson and Inspiratude Coaching Solutions in the recent past and the value I received far outweighed the investment I made in myself.

Coach Johnson helped me put together a career development plan that gave me the step by step guidance I needed to improve my performance. Since working with Coach Al I’ve not only improved my performance, but have also earned a promotion, which of course also meant more money!

I highly recommend Coach Al Johnson’s services and look forward to working more with the Inspiratude Team!

John Doe John Doe

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